About Hello Darling

At Hello Darling Event Design we believe in the heart of your celebration. Our unstoppable creativity, unparalleled attention to detail, and endless passion for the highest quality events has been the signature of our brand since 2005. No other event design company compares to Hello Darling in dedication to both our clients, as well as our craft.

We have a lot of fun working with our clients, and know they feel the same about us! In our cozy Chicago studio we laugh, work hard, and dream big while shaping your vision into reality, thoughtfully bringing together all your décor elements for an event that is genuinely yours and timelessly gorgeous.

We offer a wide range of personalized services to meet all of your event design needs including:

  • Artful Floral Designs
  • Lighting & Fabric
  • Custom Furnishings
  • Charming Rentals
  • Graphic Design Elements


Natalie Walsh, Owner, Lead Event Designer, and Creative Director

Natalie is a self-proclaimed flower junkie whose obsession grew from exploration of the gardens and woods surrounding her childhood home in Minnesota. There she pretended that all the woods were hers as the delicate violets at her feet and giant trees above her head created an absolutely magical wonderland to be enjoyed every second possible. Winters were spent indoors, building petite room vignettes, complete with lounge furniture and lighting, where she’d throw fabulous fêtes for her fashionably dressed Barbies.

Her passion for nature and fabulously styled settings are now married year-round at her event design company Hello Darling, which she opened in 2005. Her one-stop shop of pretty personalization is as friendly and fun as it is couture and chic. Since opening Hello Darling she has enjoyed being a part of so many of her clients’ events, seeing their visions turn into a reality that is far beyond their wildest dreams, and creating amazing moments for everyone in their presence to experience.

Before making the big leap into her Darling world she was flexing her creative muscles by photographing weddings, interiors, fashion, and fine art, all the while freelancing as a floral designer and being the little creative tornado of craftiness that she is to this day. Her unique skill set allows her to visualize and actualize all the aspects that go into creating a perfectly personalized, timelessly gorgeous event.

“Basically, I’m a major sucker for beauty and I think it’s an important part of life. Whether you create it or enjoy it, beauty changes our lives, broadens our horizons, connects us to each other, and brings so much joy into our minds and hearts.”

Trisha Carlson
Alyssa Gomez

Trisha Carlson, Studio Manager

Checking off a long to-do list with a glittery pencil in hand, Trisha has blended her life-long love of glitz and glam with her excitement for organizing the details that make up a great celebration. Growing up with large Irish family gatherings made event design management second nature to her, and her family values inspire her to make each client a part of the Hello Darling family.

She’s captivated by the daintiest details in life, her developing green thumb, and the most charming antique stores, but her favorite spot in Chicago is right next to her two loves, her hubby Tim and her cute little Frenchie, Lulu.

Her aptitude for organization and deep love of wedding design lead her to The Darlings. (True fact: She celebrates her marriage with a mini-wedding every year on their anniversary!) Since she joined our family she’s loved orchestrating the finest details of our jobs every day, with a big smile on her face, making everyone around her happier and more at ease, everywhere she goes!

Alyssa Gomez, Event Designer

Her stylish and timeless events are inspired by an obsession for fresh flowers and all things Darling, each clients’ unique story, and her hometown, Chicago.

She’s drawn to fabulously styled storefronts, neighborhood restaurant openings, street festivals, and the local farmers market filled with the season’s freshest blooms. Blessed with the gift of gab, and an eye for the details, she marries creativity and Type A tendencies to make any clients dreams come true. You’ll find her each morning with a cup of tea and her pup Piper reading industry blogs and swooning over the latest trends.

She has found a warm, happy home at Hello Darling and is excited to curate the most gorgeous events with the team!