Floral & Friends At Indie Wed Chicago

by Natalie

On Saturday Carolyn and I stopped by Indie Wed to see to visit our friends who were participating vendors in their annual event held at the unique Chicago venue Ravenswood Event Center. Neither of us had ever been or participated but this year we styled florals and a few little silver accessories for our fab friend Courtney Callahan’s booth, which was ADORABLE!

Hello Darling -Indie Wed, Courtney Callahan Paper and our garden rosesHello Darling - Indie Wed, Courtney Callahan PaperCourtney Callahan Paper & Hello Darling flowers at Indie Wed

I loved her whole look, the simple but pop-y colors and all the hand made touches from her envelope backdrop, colorful confetti, and flagged straws that she carefully propped between all her stylish paper samples, vintage phones, ribbons, and sweet little accessories.

Hello Darling - Courtney Callahan Paper's booth at Indie WedHello Darling - Courtney Callahan Paper's booth styling with rotary at Indie WedHello Darling - Courtney Callahan Paper glitter heartHello Darling flowers and Courtney Callahan Paper at Indie WedHello Darling - Courtney Callahan Paper's booth styling at Indie WedHello Darling - Courtney Callahan Paper's striped straws at Indie WedCourtney Callahan Paper and Hello Darling flowers at Indie Wed

I also loved the citrusy sweet spot created by Jayne Weddings with floral by my our friends at Fleur and rentals by Aged Rentals. I just wanted to cozy up at that table for hours!

Hello Darling - Jayne Events booth at Indie WedHello Darling - Jayne Weddings & Aged Vintage Rentals with lovely blooms by Fleur

My friend, photographer Julia Franzosa had a great backdrop for her booth as well, hand drawn by Janelle Gonyea of Re:find Joy with chalk drawn frames around her gorgeous images. I can’t wait to put both of these ladies talents together with ours soon.

Hello Darling Indie Wed, Julia Frazosa Photo

Our friend who needs no backdrop, painter Loreen of Reenie Rose, created her masterpieces, thoughtfully painted bouquet details right on site! If you aren’t aware of her amazing talents, check out her website. She is a true renaissance woman.

Hello Darling - Loreen of Reenia Rose painting a bouquetHello Darling - Loreen of Reenie Rose

Timelessly romantic florals and paper filled the bohemian booth of our friends Pistil & Vine and Sarah Drake Design, capturing the interest of many planning lovebirds with their sweet and welcoming style.

Hello Darling - Sarah Drake and beautiful Pistil & Vine floralsHello Darling -Sarah Drake Design Indie Wed,  Hello Darling - Indie Wed, Sarah Drake Design

On the third floor, the Belles and Gents lounge, planned by Beth at SQN Events featured an amazing spread by Truffle Truffle that I know I’m dying to suggest to a fellow chocolate and beer loving bride and groom soon.

Hello Darling - Chocolate and Beer table by Truffle Truffle

We walked out with smiles on our faces, having had such a great time chatting, photographing and meandering around all the 3 levels of lovely booths, tasting custom wedding beer by Goose Island and savory and sweets treats by Vivo and Elysia Root Cakes. I can say that vintage is HUGE having learned of multiple new vintage rental companies that have popped up over the past year. I am thrilled of course and for the eco-chic bride, vintage is as green as it gets. More amazing finds to be shared with our clients soon!